Medal Star Book

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Medal Star Book


This is a plug for the author of this book that I illustrated which is available in paperback, hardcover and ebook versions.

"When all the intelligent beings of the universe collectively reached their mental apex, their minds were projected onto another plane of reality known as the Canvas. They found themselves in a world they could not escape, a world that responded directly to their thoughts and appeared as if the very fabric of its existence was painted.

For those that wished to return to their waking lives and rise from their shared coma, the only solution was to find the Medal Star. For those that wished to stay in the Comaverse, the mysterious object was a threat to their supremacy and their right to semi-immortal life in a world outside of time. Those once united were divided and war beckoned.

The moment came that all was conquered and freedom suppressed. A vicious authority ruled over the Canvas, and declared the search for the fabled object to be illegal and punishable by death. Within the chaos that reverberated from the initial clashing of gods, heroes emerged and a glimmer of hope sparked in the darkest expanse of the mind.

Experience freedom unbound. Witness the discovery of the Medal Star."

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