Artist Archive

Here I have available to download from Mega over 100 folders of just about all the awesome art I've saved over the years. I have stuff from random art communities like /ic/ that shared big folders, and I even went into my old CGHub favorites with some sort of proxy after the site shut down and saved them all. I have quite a few of the master's collection from Nick Russel and have added tons of folders I've found and created myself. A lot of these folders are curated to my personal taste, so I encourage you to go explore and research these artists and find what aspects of their work really appeals to you.


Aert Van Der Neer

44 files, 75 MB


Albert Bierstadt

350 files, 563 MB


Alfons Mucha

315 files, 315 MB

Alfred Thompson Bricher

49 files, 18 MB


Anders Zorn

411 files, 586 MB

Andrew Theophilopoulos

7 files, 4 MB

Antonio Canova

395 files, 687 MB


Ashley Wood

20 files, 6 MB

Austin Osman Spare

61 files, 11 MB

Awesome Random

Random stuff that doesn't quite warrant it's own folder but is still amazing. There's also a folder with some sweet .gifs and .webm's

1391 files, 795 MB


Collection of Eastern Masters: Kan Liu, Anubis1982, Dolaical73, Jeon Jong, Facezero, Feng Wei, Ginogino, Guangjian Huang, Jaemin Kim, Joon Ahn, Wenjun Lin, Kimbum, Kyungmin Cho, Linran, Ragner5th, Sakimichan, Supalette, Tienhua Xu, Wangie Li, White Datura, Xiaodi, Yang Qi, Yu Dehong, ZhangLu, Zheng, Zhong Fenghua, and Zohoui

1503 files, 693 MB


Zdzisław Beksiński

49 files, 11 MB

Benjamin Bjorklund

22 files, 2 MB

William Bouguereau

344 files, 417 MB

Brad Rigney

82 files, 76 MB


309 files, 595 MB

Caspar David Friedrich

384 files, 510 MB


19 files, 3 MB


Favorites from my CGHub account

197 files, 53 MB

Charles Dana Gibson

37 files, 41 MB

Chase Stone

31 files, 14 MB